Your first step in feeling Better.

Visit the Better by Tweed centre in your community to access better information, better services and learn about better quality medicine courtesy of Bedrocan and Tweed.

A delicious way to
make a difference.

Join us on 4/20 as we host A Taste For Life, a dinner event where 25% of your bill will be donated to local HIV/AIDS and community health organizations. For more information, locations and reservations click here.

What is Better?

Better is Tweed in your community!

Better Service.

Tweed is the only Licensed Producer to offer face-to-face customer care in the community through our Better centres. Walk-in or schedule a consultation at your convenience and meet with one of our trained Client Care Representatives. We'll take you step by step through the application process making it as simple as possible. Come see our interactive vaporizer display to learn about what’s available and how they work!

Better Information.

From understanding Terpography to learning about extracts, we've got the information you need. We're your go to resource in the community for all things related to marijuana for medical purposes. We’re happy to provide information to help your physician get up to date on the latest research and can help connect them to clinics who specialize in cannabinoids. You can often find us at community events encouraging a meaningful dialogue. Have an event you'd like us to attend - just let us know!

Better Access.

Working with Tweed and Bedrocan, Better offers streamlined registration with Tweed and Bedrocan. Come in with your completed medical document and we'll help get you registered. We’ll even help you order your next shipment online with our iPad terminals and hands on assistance from our knowledgeable Care Representatives.

Better Quality.

Tweed and Bedrocan both operate to the highest quality assurance standards under the MMPR, to ensure our customers can access reliable, laboratory tested marijuana.

Products and Services.

p: 1-877-780-6337

h: Tuesday - Saturday: 10:30 - 6:00